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Create Your Cause started with a passion for making a difference in the world. Inspired by the collective efforts of people like you, who work hard for a cause worthy of all your efforts. But we know that effort and hard work only go so far. A cause needs funding to be sustainable, so we created a platform to help raise money using your most valuable asset: supporters. From environmental causes to helping the families of fallen soldiers, we know that no matter what your cause is, it’s what matters most. 

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Art For Your Cause (AFYC) is an art-infused community with a revolutionary twist. We enable art lovers, artists and nonprofits to work together in a mutually beneficial way. Purchases made through AFYC benefit those who want to connect, share and collect from our artist community (original art, limited edition prints and art products) from one-time purchases to large fundraising events. AFYC donates a percentage of proceeds to the purchasers selected nonprofits at checkout where there are over 1 million nonprofits. AFYC also donates a percentage of every sale to the Art For Your Cause Foundation enabling partnerships between artists and nonprofits, by bringing them together (utilizing healing modalities through the use of art) through our shared community. 

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